Chittick Lodge

The Lodge


Chittick Lodge is an outreach facility of Gerringong Uniting Church. Its mission in Gerringong is the provision of low cost accommodation (with associated meeting rooms and quality kitchens) for people from all walks of life. Set on one hectare and uniquely located within the residential fringes of Gerringong, Chittick Lodge is a modern day oasis – providing a sanctuary for the senses and a place to stay for thousands of visitors through the years.



On site, we have everything needed to make your group stay as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. There are 13 dorms with bunk-beds for up to 100 people, half of which benefit from having ensuites. The other half have good-sized, shared facilities.

Elsewhere, you’ll find television rooms to hang out in and catch your favourite shows or a movie. And when it’s time to eat there a well-appointed kitchen that links to a spacious dining room.

Throughout your stay at Chittick Lodge, you’ll often bump into our wonderful staff, all of whom abide by a simple rule of thumb—to make sure everybody eats well, sleeps well, and has a fantastic time in an environment that’s kept safe, secure, and impeccably clean.

As you’ll notice when you come here, attention to detail is evident at every turn. However, we’re always striving to improve our guests’ experience even more, so if there’s ever something you think we’ve missed or could do better, just let us know and we’ll endeavour to put things right.


One of the things our visitors love most about staying at the Lodge is the food. And that’s all thanks to Diane, our on site chef who cooks every dish from scratch using the freshest seasonal ingredients. You’ll find in her mouthwatering repertoire everything from homemade pies, butter chicken, and lasagna to freshly baked brownies, and soft-as-you-like muffins. Rest assured, when Di’s in the house, you won’t see jarred or pre-packed food anywhere, just the makings of wholesome cuisine, lovingly prepared.

Despite this, some of our guests still prefer to self cater, and that’s fine with us, too. Guests can familiarise themselves with the self catering-kitchen, which comes equipped with two six-burner stoves and every pot, pan, and utensil you could possibly need. So whether you’re knocking up something as unsophisticated as a plate of beans on toast, or going all out with apron and toque, and playing Masterchef to 50 people or more, you’ll be be covered for the job.

There’s also a gas barbecue outside big enough to cater for large groups if all you really want is a nice steak and some snags, feel like cooking beneath the emerging stars and dining al fresco,

the grounds

The grounds of the Lodge are around one hectare in size, which will feel even bigger than it sounds because you will have the site all to yourselves. And due to the Lodge’s elevated position, the sensational views of the surrounding hills and ocean make this generous space feel even larger still.

Half of the the Lodge is taken up by tree-dotted greens providing shade, shelter and places to stroll or get horizontal. For the more active groups there's plenty of room for soccer, football and volleyball or any group games that need lots of space. There’s also a large decked area beneath the shade of a red canopy where groups can sit, chat and engage in more peaceful activities, such as reading, knitting, or playing board games.

Around the buildings, we’ve installed a two-metre high gate and perimeter fence, which guests can lock and unlock as and when they need to. We want you to know that we take the safety of you and your group, as well as the security of your things, seriously.

the chapel

Within the grounds, there’s also the quaint and historic Chittick Lodge Chapel. Opened in 1870, the chapel makes for a perfect retreat. A place to reflect, think, pray, and meditate. A space to unplug and unwind before stepping back into a world of excitement and adventure.

Equipped with a projector and sound system, the chapel can also be used for congregational worship, or other religious ceremonies such as weddings. And because the chapel doesn’t have fixed pews, chairs can be stacked at the side allowing the floorspace to be used for group activities, such as theatre, dancing, singing, or roleplay.