Sand and Surf

Swimming, surfing, sunbaking. All part of a days work at Chittick Lodge


Werri Beach

One of the best things about the Lodge is the proximity to Werri Beach, just a five minute walk away! There's a pathway the full length of the beach with easy access to wherever you'd like to swim, snorkel and of course, surf. On a good day, with an offshore breeze, Werri has clean breaks right along the beach.

Seven Mile Beach

Just over the headland at Gerroa, Seven Mile Beach is hailed as one of the best places on the south coast to learn to surf. The northern corner of the beach is also the perfect spot to take small children swimming due to the shallow water and generally small waves.

Werri Beach Pool

Werri Beach Pool

At the south end of Werri Beach, out towards the point, there is a beautiful ocean filled rock pool. The view back to Werri, over the ocean, is wonderful. There is good access, with a flat path all the way from the car park and across the rocks to the pool. Further, it is possible to clamber along the back of the rock shelf, to Boat Harbour.

Boat Harbour

It’s easier to drive, take a left just before the church on the way out of town, south. Host a barbecue at the park overlooking the harbour, there are free gas barbecues waiting for you, courtesy of the local council. Stroll around the corner to very sedate pool cut into the rock. Plus some surprisingly nice ocean swimming for the strong swimmers, with goggles.



Then, further away in Kiama, there’s Black Beach which in addition to being a knockout spot for snorkelling, also has an Olympic-sized rock pool at the north end of the beach. There are lots of other beaches, in Kiama and beyond. Ask the locals for their tips, they’ll share some sweet spots. There’s also an indoor pool at Kiama.