Chittick Lodge

Our History


established in 1975

Chittick Lodge was established in the 1970s by the Methodist Church. Their vision was simple: to provide a retreat where people could “get away from it all” and enjoy the natural beauty and surrounds of the sleepy town of Gerringong.

The Lodge gets its name from the local Chittick family, whose donations helped the project to proceed and later extend. The initial ‘west wing’ provided accommodation for 58 people, while the addition of an ‘east wing’ in the 1990s increased capacity to 100. The original church hall from the 1970s is now a large dining hall.

Today, Chittick Lodge remains a popular stop for all kinds of groups, of all sizes and ages. Gerringong may be a little less sleepy nowadays, but still retains that quiet seaside charm that made it a perfect venue forty years ago.